Offer a wide range of services

Field services

Motor, Generator, Transformer On-site maintenance / field services Condition monitoring Predictive Maintenance Service Service contracts

Spare parts service

Workshop services

Overhauling, Repairing, Rewinding, Upgrading,Dynamic balancing, Mechan- ical repair work


- AC motors
- DC motors
- Generators
- Transformers
- Blower and Fan
- Gear Box Service
- Pump service


- Crane 20 Tons lift
- Balancing M/C 10 Tons
- Testing Room
- VPI Plant
- Laser Alignment
- Mechanical Machinery
- Vibration Analysis
- Field balance on blower

Offer a wide range of services

HV Substation

MV Switchgear

Ring Main Unit


Air Circuit Breaker

Capacitor Bank

Main Distribution Board

Corrective Maintenance

Test Tool & Equipment